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Please stay safe during the pandemic

At West Parry Sound Health Centre we are always prepared to meet the health care needs of everyone who relies on our care and service.

In addition to the usual limitations associated with COVID-19 preparedness and response, please know that as we prepare to enter our summer season, we are functioning under significant restrictions. Many of these restrictions are required by provincial authorities; other limitations are the result of scarcity of resources: people, supplies (including personal protective equipment,) treatment equipment, and space.

The health centre continues to provide care while working in a very fragile state. We see this continuing throughout the summer.

We are extremely thankful for the ongoing generosity of our seasonal property owners. Proportionally, and by value, they are the biggest donors supporting health care services in West Parry Sound.

We ask that our seasonal residents and all visitors come prepared and committed to ‘tread lightly’ on all of the public infrastructure services that we collectively rely on.

We also offer additional advice in the attachment below:

Download this file (Stay safe during the pandemic.pdf)Please stay safe