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Dr. Terence Fargher

Chief of Staff

     Dr. Terence Fargher is Chief of Staff at West Parry Sound Health Centre.
His diverse medical career spans 32 years, working the last 17 years as an Internist at West Parry Sound Health Centre. Terence helped to establish a robust Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic, a Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound Unit including stress echocardiography and more recently contrast echocardiography. As Medical Director of the Ontario Massasauga
Rattlesnake Antivenom Depot, he played a leading role in establishing guidelines for the treatment of Massasauga rattlesnake bites in Ontario and advocated for a centralized antivenom depot.
     Born in South Africa, Terence obtained his primary medical degree from the University of Stellenbosch in 1980. He became a fellow of the South African College of Internal Medicine in 1989 and a fellow of the Royal College of Canada Internal Medicine in 1994.
     He feels strongly that the lack of access to good electronic medical records in Ontario is impacting significantly on quality of health care and health care costs.