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Board Member Recruitment

Voluntary, community-based governance is a nationally unique strength of the hospital system in Ontario. This is the only Canadian province where hospitals are directed by an independent, voluntary governance structure.

Individual board members at West Parry Sound Health Centre serve a necessary governance role under the Public Hospitals Act and have a fiduciary responsibility to the health centre when fulfilling their primary duties of overseeing the delivery of quality care, providing financial oversight, and the development of long-range and annual strategic planning.

As an accepted best-practice in hospital governance, the Board of West Parry Sound Health Centre is committed to supporting and sustaining a skills-based board. This means carefully recruiting and retaining a board of directors with diverse, identified, and targeted complementary skills that are necessary to maintain an effective governance body.

Hospitals in Ontario are also legislatively required to include ex-officio nonvoting members, including: the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Nursing Officer, Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee (most commonly the Chief of Staff), and the President Medical Staff. The board at West Parry Sound Health Centre also includes ex-officio voting members: the Chair of the WPSHC Foundation Board (or qualified delegate), and the President of the WPSHC Auxiliary (or qualified delegate).

Outside of the ex-officio members, board directors are recruited, evaluated, and nominated for appointment using the competency-based process outlined in board policy (available below). This process ensures that prospective board members possess the necessary expertise and that their skills will complement the current composition of the board. Members of the board are elected for three-year terms and may serve up to 12 consecutive years before being ‘sunset.’ As board membership changes, differing skills and competencies will be required to maintain the ‘balance’ necessary for successful governance.

The Board is currently recruiting to fill one expected vacancy on the WPSHC Board of Directors.

Members of the public can review the board’s Nomination and Appointment Policy and the Application Form available below.