Quality of Worklife (QWL)

Creating and maintaining a healthy workplace requires a supportive culture that clearly values employees and is trust-based. WPSHC has implemented a Quality of Worklife program that supports a healthy work environment for all of our employees, physicians and volunteers.

The main objective of our QWL program is to create and sustain an effective working environment that supports our skilled professional staff at work and at home. Health and well-being objectives are integrated into our organization's strategic plan.  WPSHC is a proud employer that attracts and keeps the best people, through a commitment to ongoing professional development and a healthy work environment. (Click here to read more about WPSHC Strategic Plan...)


The program is structured by three primary groups to support our staff:
-Staff Welcoming and Activities Team (SWAT)
-Respect in the Workplace
-Employee Wellness

Staff Welcoming and Activities Team (SWAT)

'Staff Welcoming and Activities Team (SWAT)' membership includes employees from all departments of the health centre as well as volunteers.  This group works hard to arrange on-site and off-site activities and events.  Such as:

Fitness Gym

Yoga Classes

Rama Bus Trips

Seasonal Boat Cruises (Spring and Fall)

Bowling Events

Cross Country Ski Day

Staff BBQ

Light Therapy

Christmas Dinner and Dance

White Water Rafting


Respect in the Workplace

West Parry Sound Health Centre understands that respect is an important part of a productive and effective work environment. It is not only key among staff, but also for a solid relationship between staff and management. 'Respect in the Workplace Team' membership includes employees from all departments across the health centre as well as Union  Leaders and Union Representatives. The group is led by the Manager of Human Resources. The group is involved in facilitating the following initiatives:

Prevention of Violence in the Workplace Program

Respect in the Workplace
Departmental Workshops 'Traveling Road Show'

Safe Work Practices
Lunch Time Seminars (Grand Rounds, Lunch 'n' Learns etc...)
Safety Tips
Weekly Newsletter

Employee Wellness

'Employee Wellness' membership includes employees from all departments of the health centre and is led by the Director of Finance (Acting).  This group is working to facilitate the Employee Experience (satisfaction) Survey in the Spring of 2013 and also assists to organize many events and programs available across the health centre. Such as:

Employee Experience Survey

Annual Long Service Awards

Department of Patient Care Awards for extraordinary contributions to Clinical and Nursing Excellence

Team Awards – Recognition for Team Work and Accomplishments

Employee Family Assistance Program (EAP)

'Discovering Your Personal Best!' (Pedometer Challenge and Calorie Tracker)

Healthy Wednesdays

Daily Sandwich Bar

Scent-Free and Smoke-Free Workplace

Infection Prevention & Control Activities:
Influenza Immunization Surveillance Program
Hand Hygiene
Mask Fit Testing

Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program

Wellness Education Sessions:
Nutrition Awareness
Diabetes Education
Diet & your Blood Pressure (Public Health)

Coping with Holiday Stress (Logans Funeral Home - Nov 2012)
Care for the Caregiver
Group Benefits 
HOOP Pension Planning


In order to sustain our wellness program, WPSHC believes the program must be evaluated on a regular basis.  To help us with this process, feedback is welcome regarding new ideas, questions or concerns.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make a suggestion or share an idea.


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Nutritional Resources



This is a website by Dietitians of Canada. It has tips, newsletters, articles, access to RD by phone, etc.



Also by Dietitians of Canada, this website allows a person to sign up (for free) and check food and activity choices, analyze recipes and plan meals. You can enter information daily and assess your goals.



This is the Canadian Diabetes Association. It has a link for nutrition information under resources.