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How can I avoid snakebite?

• Do not pick up snakes or other wild animals. This is the most common cause of snakebites.
• Do not harass, chase or threaten a snake, the second most common cause of snakebites. It is illegal due to the snake’s protected status.
• Stay on the beaten path when walking in rattlesnake habitat and use a flashlight at night.
• Always wear ankle-height, close-toed boots or shoes when hiking.  The Massasauga has relatively small fangs that are not likely to penetrate leather-hiking boots or loose clothing.
• Always watch where you put your hands and feet. Do not reach into areas where you cannot see.
• If you hear a rattlesnake, stop moving and determine the snake’s location. Slowly step away and give the snake room to move away.
• Protect your pets - keep dogs on a leash when walking though rattlesnake habitat.