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There are six Rural Nursing Stations which are associated with the West Parry Sound Health Centre. They are located in:
♥ Argyle (Port Loring)
♥ Britt
♥ Moose Deer Point
♥ Pointe Au Baril
♥ Whitestone (Dunchurch).

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The Nursing Stations are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care; and the funding is managed by the West Parry Sound Health Center.
The Nursing Stations’ primary mandate is to deliver primary care to the local residents who do not have other health care providers. They also work in collaboration with local physicians to provide episodic and shared care services.
The Nurse Practitioners have advanced education and training, which allow them to provide a full range of health care services to the communities in which they serve.
The Nurse Practitioners are also the managers at the Nursing Stations, and work together to deliver care by identifying individual community needs and creating innovative solutions to maximize the health care resources in the communities.
Each of the six nursing stations are unique in the services they provide, just as each community differs in their health care needs and resources.
The Nursing Stations are also connected to the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) which allows patients to see specialists and other allied health care providers closer to home.  The Nurse Practitioners also partner with other community services, such as community mental health, which help to avoid traveling to access health care resources.
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