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There are six Rural Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic Sites which are associated with the West Parry Sound Health Centre. They are located in:

• Argyle (Port Loring)

• Britt

• Moose Deer Point

• Pointe Au Baril

• Rosseau

• Whitestone (Dunchurch)



West Parry Sound Health Centre 

Rural Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

How are healthcare needs in our communities changing?

The local population is expanding as retirees make the permanent move to cottage country, increasing the need for healthcare appointments. For example, a Nursing Station that saw 300 patients in their opening year now sees 300-400 patients a month.

Further, our aging population has an increased the need for expanded healthcare services to manage more complicated health issues. This increase resulted in the 6 Nursing Stations, who each have one nurse practitioner and one administrative assistant, collectively providing ongoing care for 22,000 patients. Finally, Nursing Station patients requiring expanded allied healthcare professional services had to travel long distances and pay out of pocket for this extra healthcare support.

What changes are happening with healthcare in the community?

West Parry Sound Health Centre (WPSHC) has been awarded funding to expand its 6 Nursing Stations into a Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic (NPLC). The level of care provided by each NPLC site nurse practitioner will continue unchanged, except valuable new extended health services will be available to the patients they serve!

What does our Rural NPLC look like and why is it special?

West Parry Sound Health Centre’s Rural NPLC Sites


• WPSHC Rural NPLC- Argyle, NP manager- Barb Sproul

• WPSHC Rural NPLC- Britt, NP manager- Ann Palamar: Carly Mauro, NP

• WPSHC Rural NPLC- Moose Deer Point, NP manager- Connie Foster

• WPSHC Rural NPLC- Pointe Au Baril, NP manager- Jared Bonis

• WPSHC Rural NPLC- Rosseau, NP manager- Brittany Labrecque

• WPSHC Rural NPLC- Whitestone, NP manager- Teresa Wetselaar

• WPSHC Rural NPLC – Traveling Coverage NP - Stephanie Bonis



The WPSHC Rural NPLC will continue to have managing nurse practitioners and their administrative staff with the addition of allied healthcare professionals that rotate to each NPLC site approximately once a week. Our allied healthcare professionals include a social worker, mental health and addictions worker, a physiotherapist and a nurse.


West Parry Sound Health Centre’s Rural NPLC Allied Healthcare Professionals


Social Worker: Brett Barager

Mental Health and Addictions Worker/Counsellor: Shelby Dunk

Registered Nurse: Amanda Kobylanski

Physiotherapist: Becky Heitman

Our NPLC is special because 75% of our service populations are rural community members, we have multiple sites and our service area is huge, spanning 190 kilometers from the southern Moose Deer Point site near Mactier to the northern Argyle site near Port Loring. Additionally, our NPLC kept its association with the WPSHC’s board of directors and senior leadership, which is the first ever partnership between a primary care and acute care facility to continue our rapid access to high level healthcare services.

What can Nurse Practitioners do?

Nurse practitioners assess, diagnose, treat and monitor a wide range of short and long-term health problems. While nurse practitioners see many episodic care patients, the focus is on health promotion, illness prevention and disease management. Further, nurse practitioners help patients navigate the healthcare system and collaborate with primary care or specialist physicians to care for patients with complicated health issues. Finally, nurse practitioners care for the whole local population by assessing needs, planning programs and evaluating patient outcomes in partnership with community members.

Who regulates Nurse Practitioner’s practice?

The College of Nurses of Ontario regulates nurse practitioners.

Who does the NPLC Serve?

The NPLC sites provide primary care to both year-round residents and seasonal residents, who do not have another healthcare provider and who are rostered to an NPLC.  An additional goal is to provide episodic care to people rostered to the NPLC or people who do not have another healthcare provider. While we aim to serve all community members, the growing local population and full roster of patients requires care to be triaged.

People with another healthcare provider are expected to see these providers for ongoing care unless completely unable to do so. The care of these patients at the NPLC will be determined on a case by case basis. These patients can be seen for episodic care concerns, such as mild illnesses and injuries, by appointment.

How do I see the allied healthcare professionals?


NPLC primary care patients must see the nurse practitioner for a referral to the allied healthcare professionals. Again, while we aim to serve all community members, a limited capacity of services requires allied healthcare access to be triaged. 

People with another healthcare provider are expected to access allied healthcare through these providers unless completely unable to do so. NPLC allied healthcare professional access will be determined on a case by case basis.

How can I contact each NPLC site?

Each NPLC site community has individual needs and therefore has slightly different operating arrangements.  Please contact the NPLC sites via telephone for inquiries or to book an appointment. See the included site specific FAQ for contact information details. 

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