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Meet Our Team


Nurse Practitioner/Manager:

Ann Palamar  

Nurse Practitioner/Manager

    Ann has been a very dedicated nurse for over 43 years. She started as a restorative nurse assistant at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Parry Sound. Once their four boys were all in school, Ann embarked on a new mission to get her registered nurse (RN) and bachelor of science in nursing degree. She traveled daily to Sudbury, to achieve this goal all the while working and managing her busy family.
      Ann has been at the Britt Nursing Station since 1999 where she started as a RN. When funding was announced for the nurse practitioner program to be reinstated in the late ‘90s, she jumped on board, as she had a clear vision for the nursing stations.  She then pursued her Masters of Nursing Degree.

    Ann was the first NP at the Parry Sound District General Hospital and the first nurse to have her MN degree.
      Ann also teaches in the NP program at Laurentian University. She has served the  NP community by precepting countless numbers of students over her career, which has earned her iconic status amongst her peers. Ann continues to precept and mentor NP’s as well as continue educate other professions about the role.
      Ann was one of the original graduates of the NP program and has provided exceptional primary care to the people of Britt and the First Nations communities in the area for nearing 30 years.


Administrative Assistants:

Marlene Boucher (Primary Contact)

Cathy Maloney


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