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Our Mandate and Funding

Health Care and You! Ontario’s Action Plan: Excellent Care For All

“Keeping people healthy in the first place is better than treating them once they become sick” (MOHLTC, 2013). Sustainability of the health system is supported by building healthier communities and focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.

Primary Care Providers: Your Essential Health Allies

Primary health care providers focus on health promotion, injury prevention, and the diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury. Each person in Canada is entitled to a primary care provider. Nurse Practitioners fill the gap for those who do not have a primary care provider, as well as provide episodic care to those in the community improving access for rural residents.

How are the Nursing Stations funded?

The WPSHC Rural Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic (Nursing Stations) is funded by the Ministry of Long Term Care; Primary Care branch/ Interdisciplinary Teams. The West Parry Sound Health Centre manages the funding and is responsible for coordination with the government.



To enhance government funding, donations from both residents and non-residents are critical to ensure the viability of the Nursing Station. All donations are held by the West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation and at the donor’s request can be designated for Nursing Station in your community.

To make a donation please either call the foundation or follow this link to the foundation website.

705-746-4540 ext 3348

We gratefully acknowledge your generous support!

We CARE for People.

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