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What is the Role of the NP at the Rural NPLC sites?

The Nurse Practitioners at the Rural NPLC Sites (Nursing Stations) help keep their clients, client’s family and community well. They provide care to individuals of all ages and focus on health promotion and preventing disease. They also serve as managers of the Rural NPLC Sites.

Nurse Practitioners in Ontario are regulated by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Health Care Role

♥ Primary Care management of individual patient care and wellness as the sole primary care provider, as well as shared care with those who live in the community but have difficulty accessing their own provider.

♥ Diagnosis and treatment for common episodic and chronic illness and injuries

♥ Perform physical check-ups

♥ Order and interpret diagnostic tests ie; blood work, ultrasound, x-rays

♥ Perform blood work (phlebotomy)

♥ Provide counseling and education

♥ Perform and order specific procedures

♥ Refer clients to other health care professionals and specialists

♥ Prescribe and renew medications

♥ Manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, COPD and asthma




Managerial Role

♥ Overseeing day to day operations of the Rural NPLC sites (Nursing Station).

♥ Assessment of community needs and program planning for community education and services.

♥ Coordination and attending meetings with stakeholders; Community members, Hospital Senior Management, other health care agencies, etc.

♥ Participate in funding proposals to improve access to health care services.

♥ Participate meetings and community care planning with the other nursing station managers and senior management at the WPSHC.

♥ Attending and participating in Community Advisory Committee meetings as required.

♥ Interview and hire support staff.

♥ Provide support staff performance appraisals, train support staff.

♥ Attend to community concerns; assess and plan solutions.

♥ Attend educational, and health care courses/conferences to stay current and relevant in practice and services provided.

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