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What’s New: Nurse Practitioner Blog

First Post

 Welcome to Jared's blog...  


Pointe au Baril: Community Engagement 

Thank you tothe Pointe au Baril Bottle Drive Club!!

As you well know, every summer we have thousands of cottagers visit our community. The summer months are busy with a significant influx in patient visits. Many come to the clinic for cuts, suturing, and dressing changes among many other needs. We greatly appreciate your generosity which has purchased a minor office procedure cart for the clinic. This will allow us to have all our emergency equipment in one centralized location which increases our efficiency and response to patients who may come in needing our help. What is also a benefit is that it allows us to have things easily accessible for our local residents in the fall and winter months in a standardized way. Many thanks also for the curtains to make the office brighter.

Jared Bonis

Pointe Au Baril NPLC 




Just a few bits of news




historical PAB nursing station               

There has been many conversations and planning, but the new nursing station/ambulance base is finally a reality! The footprint has been laid and construction is to start early spring with estimated time of com-pletion, fall of 2016! Very exciting! After 30 years, we are getting a much needed “up to code”, safer and more accessible building.

Every month we are busier and busier, as the patient population is older, care has become more complex. Out MD attends most Tuesday mornings, by appointment only.

The Nursing Station is open Monday to Fridays 0800-1500. Please call for an appointment as we are busier and this helps alleviate waiting times and disappointment if you show up and the Nurse Practition-er is not there or unavailable.

Lab days are Monday and Thursdays, please call for an appointment and bring your requisition with you.

Pollards pharmacy delivers on Thursdays, pick up is before 2 pm.

Please make sure your first aid kits are full and items are “in date”. Most things will not be of any use if frozen over the winter! Make sure your Tetanus is up to date! Check your prescriptions and make sure you have refills.

Also all donations to the nursing station are gratefully accepted. Donations to the West Parry Sound Health Centre are for their use and donations to the nursing station are for the stations.

Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email or call. Regards! Patty!


We CARE for People.

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